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Commercial and Industrial services

We can take care of any waste type!

We can remove any waste you have in your company or home. We clear building pits, houses and garages, and any other types of waste you can face.

Today, Simple Waste Removal offers all types of waste disposal services including but not limited to removal liquid and hazardous junk. Common consumers generating this waste are laboratories, restaurants, mechanical equipment or vehicle wash facilities, and any other tank or pit clearing operation companies, and we really can take care of them.


Operational performance

Secure removal and safe transportation

We pack and collect waste from maintenance areas, laboratories or store rooms in a convenient and safe manner. We also solve simpler tasks like house cleanouts and waste removal or construction pit clearings. We transport all types of junk securely to approved disposal and/or recycling facilities.

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Reduced environmental impact

Environmental safe operations during the whole turnover

Simple Waste Removal takes care of the collection, treatment, and disposal of liquid wastes as well as of any other variety of home, industrial, dangerous, and hazardous waste products. We make sure that all our waste collection and disposal services comply with the corresponding regulatory bodies.

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Dangerous liquids? It’s not a problem!

Simple Waste Removal provides safe and reliable collection and disposal service in your area to take away numerous forms of liquid or any dangerous waste products. Removal of wastes can be done in two ways: either with a vacuum tanker (especially recommended for bulk liquid waste products) or they can be packed in small canisters and disposed safely in a licensed facility.

There are various types of liquid waste we deal with, and they include but are not limited to the following:

  • - Septic tanks
  • - Oily Water
  • - Grease traps
  • - Wash-waters
  • - Surfactants
  • - Sludge
  • - Prescribed waste*
  • - Packaged waste

Other types of waste we can remove

Simple Waste Removal also handles the collection and treatment of numerous industrial, hazardous and harmful waste products which are packed in containers, drums, and/or bulk bаg.

We also deal with types of waste products and that may come in different forms such as solid, liquid or powder, and this may include any of the following:

  • - Medical or Clinical waste
  • - Laboratory waste and chemicals
  • - Contaminated spill kits
  • - Chlorinated and non-chlorinated Solvents and paint
  • - Bituminous products (asphalt binders and road sealing, surface treatments, and many others)
  • - Inks and dyes
  • - Resins
  • - Oil, ink and/or solvent rags
  • - Photographic waste
  • - Oils and greases
  • - Pesticides
  • - Other types of dangerous and hazardous waste

What else we collect and remove? Everything you can imagine!

Aside from the waste products mentioned above, our company also safely and responsibly collects, treats, and disposes the following:

  • - Alcohols
  • - Formaldehyde
  • - Chemicals (which may come in any forms such as liquid, powder or solid)
  • - Corrosive substances (caustics and acids)
  • - Quarantine waste
  • - Contaminated soils and material

Customized waste removal services for your company

Various functions include the elimination of contaminants from flooring, pit or tank cleaning, etc. We have various sizes of tank cleaning nozzles and heads so we can customize the most appropriate cleaning method to suit your needs and clean even hard-to-reach areas. Call us at 888-637-1190 to request a free quote for any of your waste disposal needs.

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